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Drafting. Microsoft has expanded its partnership with Minsait, an Indra company specializing in digitization and information technology consultancy, to offer Spanish companies and public administrations a range of solutions and services for hybrid cloud that facilitates and accelerates your migration to the cloud.

This joint offer includes monitoring and encryption services that allow to extend the security and privacy of data in the Microsoft cloud in order to respond to the needs of data sovereignty.

Minsait and Microsoft will provide solutions that meet the most demanding legal and technical requirements for the principles of trust cloud (Trusted Cloud) y data sovereignty, in accordance with the criteria defined by the European Data Protection Board (EDPB), as well as at the national level.

Minsait will ensure the management of external encryption keys, access and identities, and will monitor and track cyber threats from its Cybersecurity Operations Center. In addition, it will provide infrastructure management services in a hybrid cloud model with Microsoft to quickly and homogeneously adopt the standards of the different institutions, and will guarantee service operations through physical auditing and supervision of the data centers required by the customers for your service.

Microsoft, for its part, will contribute hybrid cloud services that extend privacy and security guarantees, in response to data sovereignty needs. These guarantees include certification in accordance with the high level of the National Security Scheme; the contractual commitment with its clients to legally oppose requests for access to their data by any government when there is a legal basis to do so; as well as the possibility for the company’s clients to process and store data within the EU for the main Microsoft cloud services: Microsoft Azure, Microsoft 365 and Dynamics 365.

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The sum of the capacities of Minsait and Microsoft will allow accelerate the digital transformation and migration to the cloud of Spanish companies and public administrations through Microsoft’s current cloud environment, as well as the new Cloud Region of Data Centers that the company will soon open in Spain and that will have the most advanced technologies to reduce the carbon footprint of Spanish customers and contribute to sustainability environmental.

This agreement is added to the one signed last June between both companies, through which Microsoft recognizes Minsait as a strategic partner in Data and Analytics for its new Cloud Region of Data Centers in Spain.

In addition, Minsait was also named Microsoft Partner of the Year 2021 in Spain for the Data and Power Platform categories at “Inspire 2021”, one of Microsoft’s most important events.

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