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Members of three generations of a family were massacred in California, including a teenager and her baby

And shooting occurred last Monday, January 16 in the goshen township (located in Tulare County, State of California) left 6 muertosincluding one 17 year old mother and her 6 month old babylocal authorities reported.

The Tulare County Sheriff’s Office reported that the event occurred during the early morning in the house number 6800 Harvest Roadan address where a man was arrested last week young and seized weapons, marijuana and methamphetamine.

“This level of violence does not respond to the pattern of an ordinary gang member (…) If they specifically shoot everyone in the head, it is because they know what they are doing and feel comfortable with it“, assured Mike Boudreaux, Tulare County Sheriff, in statements to the Los Angeles Times.

They died as a result of the shooting. five family members Parraz. The deceased corresponded to three different generations.

Rose Parraz72 years old, Eladio Parraz52 years old, Jennifer Analla50 years old, Mark Parraz19 years oldElyssa Parraz17 years old and Nycholaz Parraz10 months old, were the fatalities.

The agents found two lifeless people at the door of the house, another in a bed inside it and three more in a neighboring area of this rural town of about 5 thousand inhabitants located in the Central Valley of the state of California.

Apparently, according to the sheriff’s account, the teenage mother tried to run away with her son when she was murdered. Forensic evidence determined that the triggermen stood over the victims while carrying out the shots.

Besides, two women survived the attack by hiding in a trailer on the property after having seen the perpetrators of the massacre forcibly entering the home on a security camera.

“Let me make this very clear: not all these people in this house were gang members“, he pointed Boudreauxand noted that the mother and child were innocent victims.

According to local media reports, Elyssa Parraz was born in California. Apparently the woman had moved to live with your child’s father’s family en Goshen.

The american police started a monitoring on the borders of Mexico and Canada to find the two suspects. On the other hand, the Office of the FBI announced that he would give a reward of ten thousand dollars for those who provide information about those involved.

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