Melanie guilty of the murder of the blackmailer? The summary of episode 1355 of Thursday February 3 (spoilers)

In Tomorrow belongs to us, Jack continues to discover Rayane. Bart does not feel capable of going any further with Adèle while François is in a bad position. What if Mélanie was involved in this story?

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Friday, February 3 in tomorrow belongs to us, Martin arrives at the scene of the crime. Damien informs him that Jean-Louis Pujol died of a heart attack on Thursday morning at dawn. He received several blows to the face and chest. Commander Constant and his son Nordine immediately think of François Lehaut. In high school, Emma was summoned by Chloé with François. The French teacher admits that he got overwhelmed by personal problems and apologizes to his student. He promises it won’t happen again.

Francis in custody

François confesses to Martin that they fought with Mr. Pujol but that his son Adam had come between them. The major thinks that François went back to see him the next morning. His DNA is found on Pujol’s body. François is taken into custody. Adam is summoned to the police station. Charlie advises him to lie about the altercation between François and Jean-Louis. Adam confirms that François had the upper hand over Jean-Louis on the beach. The next day he saw his father at 8 o’clock in the kitchen. Amel is waiting for Adam after his interrogation. He’s not 100% certain that his father killed this man. At the Delcourts, Chloé welcomed Muriel. Patrick sends him a message so that they explain themselves. She is hesitating. At the morgue, Damien tells Martin that Pujol was tasered like Adam. Patrick and François have an alibi. It is therefore another person.

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Jack and Rayane continue to grow closer

At the Roussels, Audrey questions Jack about Rayane. The blind boy tells him they’re just buddies. He asks his mother to describe him. Lizzie finds it”naughty and unbearable”. As for Jordan, he finds it “normal”. Jack refuses to use his cane in the street because it is too dangerous with passers-by. He hesitates to take it, Rayane encourages him. On a bench, Rayane tests Jack’s hearing in a park. Jack wants to learn to see with his hands. He offers Rayane to touch his face to find out what he looks like. Rayane accepts. Then accompanies Jack home who invites him to go up. Rayane replies that he must see his mother. Jack thinks he’s lying and has a date with a guy. Annoyed, he confirms. Rayane is offended by this forced coming out.

Bart and Adele meet

Bart is waiting for Adele at their meeting place. The pretty blonde arrives late. The Spoon’s boss brings up Louise with her. Adèle does the same on her companion who died two years ago in an accident. She feels close to Bart because “he speaks the same language”. Bart debriefs his meeting with Sara and Roxane. He says to himself “not ready to live a new story”, the two girls don’t believe a word of it. Sara advises him not to refrain from anything, he has the right to be attracted to someone. In his car, Bart comes across Louise’s driver’s license. Moved, Bart prefers to cancel his appointment with Adèle. He doesn’t want to be friends with Adele either.

At the end of the episode, Mélanie comes to see Pujol’s body to tell him that she is sorry.

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