YouTube Shorts: The hype is justified!

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After TikTok and Instagram, YouTube is now also focusing on short videos. In the 47th episode of his podcast, social media expert Felix Schröder (@gipserfelix) summarizes how the trade and its companies should react to the YouTube shorts hype.

By Felix Schröder (@gipserfelix)

Felix Schröder (@gipserfelix) advises using the short videos already produced for Instagram and TikTok for YouTube. – © Willi Schröder GmbH

Almost the entire social media world is currently looking up YouTube Shorts. I think this one is The hype is absolutely justified! Why? I explain that in this episode of my podcast.

All just stolen?

Short videos are simply the best on social media these days. Last but not least, you can see that rapid rise of TikTok, which was the first platform to vehemently focus on short videos. Also the competitors Instagram and even YouTube now rely on the short films.

Critics say Instagram and YouTube have them Achievement functionality stolen from TikTok. To be honest, I don’t worry about it – and nobody else needs to either. The function counts much more per se.

Are YouTube shorts worth it for crafts too?

No one can say for sure whether short videos and YouTube shorts will prevail in the long term. But: Why not use the content already produced for Instagram and TikTok for YouTube as well? Let’s go – upload and try! Hence mine Tip: just do it.

Have fun with the current episode of my podcast “Social Handwerk” and the implementation of my tips! All episodes of the podcast can be found on the Topic page “Social Handwerk” – the podcast by Felix Schröder (@gipserfelix).

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