Maya Kostadinova and Miro are the new faces in BNT

PHOTO: Desislava Kulelieva

Saturday-Sunday afternoon block

“Speak now” and “Favorites of

Bulgaria ”will start in September

BNT started its first Saturday-Sunday afternoon block “Speak Now” on September 11. The host will be Maya Kostadinova, who was in Nova TV until May in the show “Sunday of Nova”.

In “Speak Now” in various thematic sections will be made analyzes, comments and interviews, which will summarize the Bulgarian and world news of the week. Under the title “The Well Forgotten”, Dimi Stojanovic will present a kind of parallel between events that excite society today and their equivalents from the recent past. Simona Peycheva is the author and host of the “Champions Meeting” section, in which she will talk to the most attractive people in the world of sports. And Maya Kostadinova will meet the viewers with contemporary successful Bulgarians who are changing the world around us, in “Beyond the Borders”. The show will run every Saturday and Sunday from 17.00 to 19.00.

The star of the music scene Miro will host the new multimedia format of BNT “Bulgaria’s Favorites”. In it, viewers will determine the most beloved celebrities in our country, giving online their nominations in various categories – sports, music, theater, science, etc. Each episode will be dedicated to a separate category and will present the personalities who have received the most nominations. Viewers will be able to vote to choose a winner from the respective field. The show starts on September 23 at 9 pm and will be broadcast every Thursday. The grand final, when Bulgaria’s favorite will be chosen, will be on December 16.

A new music show starts on September 15 – “Music Infinity”, which will host the biggest stars of our music scene.



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