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Mattarella: the speech for Women’s Day

It ends with a warm handshake between Sergio Mattarella e Giorgia Meloni on March 8 at the Quirinale. Thus ends a week of tensions between Chigi and Colle. The head of state thanks the state police for what they do against violence against women, quoting the manager Alessandro Accardo. Mattarella remembers Giulia Cecchettin. Minister Roccella calls Meloni “the Prime Minister”, breaking the convention imposed by the government.

Thus our inabilities, silences and delays in defending women weaken democracy

by Maurizio Molinari

This year’s theme is women in art. Innate with democracy. Achievements never taken for granted.

Mattarella says: “Our Constitution states with effective simplicity that “art and science are free

He says: “Art, in fact, is freedom. Freedom to create, freedom to think, freedom from conditioning. Its revolutionary potential lies in this attitude: and it is no coincidence that authoritarian regimes look at artists with suspicion and monitor them with spasmodic attention, spying on them, censoring them, even incarcerating them. Dictatorships try in every way to promote a state art and culture, which are nothing more than a fictitious regime art and culture, which rewards the servility of official singers and punishes and represses authentic artists”.

These are words that should not be forgotten in a world that is sliding towards degraded democracies.


And for women everything is doubly difficult: “In order to express themselves and realize themselves, women have had to face an extra amount of effort, an extra amount of commitment, almost a hidden and inexplicable burden on their activity. As if further obligations were required of them and they had to continually pass more rigorous tests and judgments.”

Mattarella calls it a hidden burden, in a Corazzieri hall packed with many female exponents who have stood out for their talent.

“This is unfortunately a well-known, widely studied phenomenon, which has its roots in prejudices and stereotypes about women that still resurface even in societies that consider themselves more advanced”.

Something is changing. A spring is underway. “More and more women writers are climbing the circulation charts or working at the top of publishing houses. In the musical field, the categories that assigned roles or instruments according to gender are being overcome, with very capable orchestra conductors and musicians playing instruments once usually reserved for their male colleagues. In cinema and theatre, the number of female directors and producers is increasing, who create films or shows with their own unique imprint. Likewise in the figurative arts, in architecture, in design”.

This spring must be welcomed and supported, “without forgetting the many obstacles that still exist – of a material and cultural nature – to achieving effective full equality.

The ceremony was conducted by Teresa Saponangelo which he read from “A Room of One’s Own,” by Virginia Woolf. They bore their testimony, Etta Scollosongwriter, Francesca Cappellettiart historian and director of the Borghese Gallery, Helena JaneczekWriter, Chiara Capobiancostreet artist, e Eugenia Maria Roccella, Minister for Family, Birth and Equal Opportunities. “Equality will be achieved when it will be enough to be good, not exceptional,” she said.

It’s also in the room Malika Ayane. Etta Scollo from Catania tells Mattarella: “I’m excited, I love her.” She remembers genders. Meloni changes expression. What advice do you give to women? “To be tough,” she replies.

Is there a disparity between male and female writers, they ask Helena Janeczek? He praises the teachers, Meloni nods. “The school of united Italy was taught by two thirds of women. There will be more and more Italian men and women with a foreign name like mine, who don’t have Italian at home. Winning the Witch makes it a lot easier for you. The affirmation of women becomes the rule. Advice to writers: have a lot of passion.”

“At home there was a lot of commotion when they learned that I was a street artist, still a male world,” explains Chiara Capobianco. “Go straight”, this advice to women.

Women express a particular sensitivity and have a particular aptitude for art,” recalls Mattarella. “But art is also challenge, change, knowledge. Artists look far away, beyond the veil of appearances; they foresee or anticipate changes, they offer incisive keys to interpreting the world and its phenomena”.

Unfortunately, much remains to be done.

The president recalls: “Harassment, illicit pressure in the world of work and discrimination are still frequent, unacceptable, as has been reported for years. Without losing memory of the violence. I extend a greeting, thanking you for your presence, to Assistant Alessandra Accardo, of the State Police, intensely involved in combating violence against women. How can we not remember the victims of the many feminicides, even in recent days? How can we not remember, above all, Giulia Cecchettin, whose tragedy involved the whole of Italy in horror and pain?”

In the room they applaud very warmly.

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