Married to a woman from a higher caste, this man was kidnapped and killed page all

HYDERABAD, – A man on India kidnapped and killed, after he married a woman who came from throw higher.

Hemanth Kumar, an interior designer, is put in a car and then killed by the woman’s relatives and two hitmen.

It all started when Kumar married Avanthy Reddy on June 11, which both the girl’s parents and relatives disagreed with.

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Since then, the Indian police reported Gulf News Saturday (26/9/2020 <the Reddy family also tried to get rid of Kumar.

Hyderabad police said they had arrested 14 people believed to be the perpetrators of the murder. Including Avanthy’s father, Lakshma Reddy, and his wife Archana.

Then Avanthy’s uncle Guduru Yugender Redd, then other relatives such as Ardham Ranjith Reddy and Ardham Spandana.

Meanwhile, the two payment killers hired by the Reddy family are Shaik Pathan and Buchi Yadav. All the perpetrators are reportedly already in court.

Deputy Commissioner M Venkateshwarulu said Kumar and his wife were kidnapped from their residence in the TNGOs colony, and taken away by the kidnapper.

Before being taken by force, Avanthy had briefly informed law enforcement. As they moved to investigate, they found Kumar’s body.

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After being killed, Kumar’s body was reportedly dumped in the bush near Sangareddy, about 50 km from Hyderabad.

Venkateshwarulu said Kumar and Avanthy had known each other for eight years because they lived in the Chandnagar area.

“They decided to run away from home on June 10, and got married the next day,” said Venkateshwarulu. The problem arises because they are of different castes.

The Avanthy family comes from the Reddy caste, which is the equivalent of a Knight. Meanwhile, Kumar came from Bania and entered the Waisya circle.

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In a diary disclosed in court, Avanthy’s parents and their families consider inter-caste marriage an insult.

“In fact, they did not come out of the house because they were so embarrassed. Since then, they have tried to kill Hemanth,” explained the police.

This incident is similar to the case of 15 September 2018, when a male Dalit caste, which is categorized as the lowest in India, married a girl from a higher rank.

Pranay Kumar was killed in broad daylight in Miryalguda, Telangana State, for breaking a sacred promise with a girl named Amrutha.

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