Man who loves football and television and who orders hamburgers and pizzas, the majority profile of the ‘delivery’ customer

The majority profile of Spaniards who order food at home is that of an urbanite (79%), parents (62%), who like football (47%) and video games (34%) and do so mainly because they don’t feel like cooking (25%) or they have a whim (21%). And the food that is most requested is the beef burger and the carbonara pizza.

Delivery orders grew 25% in Valencia in the last year, according to Just Eat
20M EP

This is clear from the data of the IX edition of the ‘Gastrometer’, a report prepared by the ‘delivery’ platform Just Eat, according to which the online food delivery market in Spain will reach 1,079 million euros in 2021 orders, which will be 16% more than in 2020.

Dinner, the preferred time of day

Beef burger with cheese.
Beef burger with cheese.

The Gastrometer also reflects that the preferred time of day for Spaniards to order food at home online is at night, during dinner (62%). Regarding the distribution by gender, men predominate, 53%, by 47% women. By age, people between 35 and 55 years old are the ones who most order food at home online (53%), followed by the age group between 18 and 34 years (38%).

Terraces in the Plaza Mayor in Madrid, in October 2021.

75% of home orders are made via mobile

It is also common to have a business phone for those jobs where you have to be making calls, so you can ask for a terminal if you think you will need it.
A woman with her mobile phone and her laptop.

The main way in which Spaniards place their orders is by mobile, which accounts for 75% of the total orders placed, compared to 25% processed through the computer.

They do it mainly to consume food at home on weekends and holidays. In terms of outstanding dates, among the star days in 2020, New Years, Valentine’s and Halloween stood out.

Francisco Páez, CEO of Domino's Pizza.

What dishes are the favorites?

Sushi, maki and sashimi rolls on a tray.
Sushi, maki and sashimi rolls on a tray.

The favorite dishes of the Spanish are the North American style beef burger, followed by Italian cuisine with pizzas carbonaras and oriental cuisine with its star dish, three delights rice. They are followed by Japanese cuisine with sushi and in fifth place Spanish cuisine, with Russian salad as the most popular dish.

Breakfast order boom

In summer, many people enjoy longer breakfasts.
A complete breakfast.

One of the novelties of the Gastrometer is the relevant growth of breakfast options in one year (456%), followed by the rise of Argentine food (375%), haute cuisine (345%) and African cuisine (323%) . These very strong growths are due to the fact that they started from very low records.

Presentation of the Just Eat Gastrometer
Presentation of the Just Eat Gastrometer

According Patrik Bergareche, Managing Director of Just Eat in Spain, the Gastrometer “allows us to update our view of the food delivery sector, in a period of time marked by uncertainty”. In his opinion, “although the sector has continued to grow, the catering sector we serve has not yet recovered.” However, he adds, “the report points to reasons for optimism”, such as “the resilience of restaurateurs with the help of digitization or the support of citizens for the restoration sector.”

For its part, José Luis Yzuel, President of the Spanish Hospitality Business Confederation, states: “We have to start from this moment that we have lived with the pandemic to design the hospitality industry of the future, which goes through digitization, sustainability and professionalization and training.”

In this sense, adds Yzuel, “services for consumption outside the premises have been consolidated in the habits of consumers.” “The applications bring greater competition to the market, as a good way to test new restaurants, as well as options to see the products in digital menus, among other advantages,” he concludes.



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