Man Threatens to Break Bobby Nasution’s Neck in Police!


The man who threatened to break the neck of the Mayor of Medan Bobby Nasution officially reported to the police. The report was registered at the Medan City Police.

“Last night I accompanied the jukir and immediately made a complaint to the police, to the Medan City Police,” said Head of the Medan Transportation Service Iswar Lubis as quoted from secondsNorth SumatraSunday (24/4/2022).

Iswar said he fully supports what the judge, known as Anugrah Ichsan, is doing. Because, according to the rules, e-parking judges are not allowed to accept cash for payment of parking fees.

“So, first of all, I wanted to give support to our jukir, both there and in other locations, so that they still hold on to the SOP, what they did was right,” he said.

To the people of Medan City, Iswar asked for support for the success of the e-parking program. “As a government agency, we urge the public, let’s support the change of Medan City to be a better city as the vision and mission of the Mayor of Medan,” he said.

Previously, the video of the man threatening to break the neck of Medan Mayor Bobby Nasution went viral on social media. The man made threats for refusing to pay for parking electronically (e-parking).

Please read the full news here.

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