‘Man grabbed on train journey, railway police misbehaved’; Hanan shared experience A man was detained on a train journey, railway police misbehaved: Hanan

Jalandhar: Malayalees haven’t forgotten Hanan, a student who went viral on social media after selling fish in her school uniform. Hanan, who is active on social media, has now shared her ordeal during the train ride. Hanan claims that a man groped her during the journey and she behaved indecently when a group was filmed while she was drinking in public on the train. Police are said to have misbehaved when she learned of the incident.

The incident occurred as he was about to report for his exam in Jalandhar, Punjab. In a video on Facebook, Hanan said a Punjabi man grabbed his body during the ride and sat down when he made a noise. Subsequently, a group of young people started drinking and making noise. Warned several times. The video was taken because there were no other security options. Hanan also accused the railway police of misbehaving when she learned of the incident. Hanan also said that instead of taking the attackers into custody, the police asked him to get off the train.

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