Centro Seguro plan: more than 400 fines have been processed by the traffic law in Valdivia

There are just over 400 infringements filed for violation of the Highway Code, mainly for cars parked in unauthorized places.

This is part of what it is Seguro Center Planinitiative announced during the month of October by the Municipality of Valdivia and which consists of a joint effort with the Presidential Delegation to inspect the historic center of the municipality and recover public spaces.

In this sense, from 26 October – starting date of the provision – to 30 November, They reported 405 traffic violations, mainly for inadequate parking.

Also, as announced a couple of weeks ago, The municipality will provide for the removal of abandoned vehicles or vehicles found in places not authorized to park.. For the latter, the municipality has a crane with which fifteen cars were recalled.

This was stated by the director of municipal public safety, Alejandra López, who stated that “our management has counted on a crane that will continue to remove cars according to a plan that gives priority to abandoned vehicles and which generate an outbreak of insecurity”.

Also reported the construction house 14 fines for illegal trade yes 13 for not having commercial patents.

Regarding the strengthening of the inspection work, López announced that they will increase the number of personnel to inspect the seafront of the regional capital.

“We also collaborated on the latest coordination to expand this work and intensify inspections in the coastal sector, for which We are adding a significant number of inspectors, 20 more than the staff that the Inspectorate General already has, to inspect illegal peddling, what is related to commercial patents or traffic violationsLopez said.

The municipal provision has had the collaboration of the personnel of the Carabinieri, the Investigative Police (PDI), the Revenue Agency (SII) and the Regional Ministerial Secretariats (SEREMI) of Health and Transport.

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