Man Arrested for Assaulting Grocery Delivery Woman and Destroying Van

Man Arrested for Assaulting Grocery Delivery Woman and Destroying Van

A man from Etten-Leur was arrested on Saturday morning for assaulting a grocery delivery woman. He also destroyed the woman’s van. The police have arrested the 40-year-old suspect.

The man suddenly climbed into the van with groceries around ten to eight. That happened at the Havik in Etten-Leur. The delivery woman told the man to get off the bus and pulled him out. According to the police, the man then became very aggressive. He pulled the delivery woman by her hair and kneed the woman.

The customer to whom the delivery lady had just delivered the order tried to help the victim, but there was no stopping him. According to the police, the man went completely crazy. He destroyed the van and discriminated against the delivery woman, who has a dark skin color.

The customer and the delivery woman fled inside where they also called the police. In the meantime, they tried to lower the roller shutter, but that did not work because the man tried to enter the house. He destroyed the shutter.

When the officers arrived on the street, the suspect threw food from the van onto the road. The police had to use force to arrest the man. The suspect then cursed the officers.

The man from Etten-Leur has been taken to the police station and is being interrogated. The delivery person, the customer and the agents report the incident.

2023-09-23 13:34:11

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