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The province, both Limburg GGDs and Maastricht UMC + will start researching antibodies and the spread of the corona virus in Limburg from Friday. They are looking for 10,000 volunteers for this.

The aim is to find out which factors contributed to the spread of corona in the province.

First wave
With the research, the four parties hope to answer people’s questions and provide scientists and policymakers with good information to find out why Limburg was hit so badly in the first wave. The volunteers can use the research to find out whether they have antibodies in the body and therefore have become infected somewhere.

Important insights
“This research provides important insights and knowledge that can be used in the support of health policy and measures in Limburg”, Robert Housmans, deputy of Care and Safety, said. “For participants, this research often provides the answer to the question they have been looking for for some time. This provides sufficient peace of mind and confidence to participate in society again – with due observance of all the rules regarding corona.”

The research goes further than the tests that are currently possible in one of the test streets of the GGD. ‘The tests that are used nationwide to determine the coronavirus can only show whether someone is infected at the time of the test,’ explains the GGD Zuid-Limburg on its website. ‘Not whether anyone has been infected before. It is therefore unclear how many people have since been infected and have experienced an infection with the corona virus. The blood test shows whether someone has antibodies against the corona virus. ‘

The research consists of a blood test and an online questionnaire. People who want to participate can report to one of the two Limburg GGDs from Friday 23 October. Only people living in Limburg can participate in the study.


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