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Major Meeting Marks Start of Union Activities for SEENA in Ogooué-Maritime for 2023-2024

At the CES of Port-Gentil Park, members of the Union of National Education Teachers (SEENA) organized a major meeting marking the start of their union activities for the 2023-2024 financial year in the area. education of Ogooué-Maritime. One of the points which opened the debates was the ‘arbitrary’ transfer to CES Julien Mbourou d’Omboué of a full member of the provincial SEENA delegation.

“This is a flagrant violation of the provisions of Article 3 of ILO Convention 87, and of Articles 72 and 73 of Law 01/2005 on the general status of the civil service and that of Article 21 of the statutes of the union of national education teachers (SEENA)”, castigates Paterne Ndong Nkoulo, provincial secretary of SEENA.

At this meeting were members of the educational community, members and supporters of SEENA, CONASYSED as well as members of allied unions such as those of FESEENA, SYMENS, SYNEFECTPRO and SAEG.

Other items on the agenda focused on the celebration on March 23 of National Teacher’s Day, the overall identification of public officials in the provinces, the organization of the general assembly of CONASYSED in LBV and in provincial capitals etc. However, returning to the sudden departure in this remote area of ​​Ogooué-Maritime of one of their trade unionists, the provincial delegate of SEENA points the finger at the provincial academy management which, according to him, did not take into account the texts and articles during the composition and holding of the internal transfers commission.

“The administration must ensure that participation and consultation mechanisms involving civil society or other actors remain effectively implemented through consultative structures”, at least this is what the provisions of the Code specify. of public service ethics. And article 29 recommends that “when consultation is obligatory, the administration cannot insert into its final acts provisions that have not been previously submitted to the opinion of the consultative body concerned”.

The management of the national business school of Port-Gentil and the academic zone of Ogooué Maritime and that of Moyen-Ogooué are also accused by the national education teachers’ union of “caporalizing both teachers and exercising and even the social partners in the exercise of their trade union rights”.

“Such maneuvers must stop without delay,” he thunders.

The national education teachers’ union considers this action to be a pure and simple violation of union principles in the Gabonese Republic. The union considers this approach “unacceptable” and says it “demands that the constitutional right to demonstrate be respected”.

For Paterne Ndong Nkoulo, “dear members and sympathizers, the fight of SEENA of CONASYSED is and will remain: the improvement of the living and working conditions of teachers”.

Jean Jacques Rovaria Djodji

2024-02-21 19:47:15
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