Magic Keyboard for iPad Pro is truly magical

Apple passes all of its keyboards through the Magic Keyboard. After that of the 16-inch MacBook Pro, it’s the iPad Pro’s turn to be entitled to its keyboard called Magic Keyboard… And for once, the name marketing does not look usurped! This new device no longer has much to do with the Smart Keyboard: rigid backlit keys, a stroke of 1 mm and a scissor-like mechanism. However, still no function keys to control the volume or brightness.

If the Magic Keyboard retains its role of support for the tablet, Apple has completely revised the hinge that “floats” the iPad Pro above the desktop. Position adjustment can be made up to an angle of 130 degrees. There is a USB-C port for charging the tablet, which frees up the iPad port for connecting a peripheral, external storage or screen.

The backlight, finally!

Another great novelty of this Magic Keyboard is the presence of a trackpad of course. As of iOS 13, this device and the mouse are supported, while remaining confined to accessibility options. iOS 13.4, the final version of which will be available on March 24, will bring some new features to start with a “redesigned” cursor support. The latter is contextual: its behavior is modified according to what is below (button, text, icon). The text selection should in particular be turned upside down! The cursor also appears when you need it.

Most third-party apps won’t have anything special to do to support the trackpad and mouse, but if the developers want to go further, they can take advantage of new APIs. Apple will also update its office software (Pages, Numbers and Keynote).

There is even an Apple logo on the back!

This keyboard is available in two versions, for the 11-inch iPad Pro and the 12.9-inch iPad Pro. It will be offered with the mapping keyboard in French (and in thirty other languages). Good news, the accessory is also compatible with the iPad Pro 2018. The marketing will wait until May, at prices of € 339 (11 inches) and € 399 (12.9 inch).

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