Apple Releases New Iphone 13 and Ipad Mini This Year

California, US – Smartphone manufacturer Apple, launched their new iPhone 13 and iPad Mini on Tuesday (14/9) in Cupertino, California, United States.

In this launch, Apple showcased the sophistication of their two products by showing off the advantages of the latest faster processor and sharper camera.

The iPhone 13 is equipped with a new processor chip called A 15 Bionic, which can activate a number of features, such as automatically detecting when the phone’s camera is pointed at text and Cinematic mode to change focus automatically when taking videos. Apple says the iPhone 13 is also equipped with a dedicated 5G antenna and radio component for a faster connection.

Hope Giles, Vice President for Engineering Program Management for Hardware Technologies at Apple explained, the A15 bionic processor is able to provide more performance and better power efficiency than previous generations.

“This A15 can handle mobile workloads smoothly and efficiently because there are six new processor cores split, with two cores for performance, while the other four processor cores are aimed at efficiency.” said Hope at the launch event.


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