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‘Love and War’ Min Ji-young “After two miscarriages, I feel love as a task… I’m very tired”

Actor Min Ji-young (42, photo), who made her name known as KBS2’s’Couple Clinic Love and War’, confessed the pain of her miscarriage.

Min Ji-young appeared in the’Taiwanese Gods of the Era’ (hereinafter’Taiwanese Gods’) of the YouTube channel’Betsangi Entertainment’ released on the 4th.

Min Ji-young, who has been married for three years this year, said, “I thought I would never marry while filming love and war, but I was blinded for a while and married.” “I am actually filming love and war with my husband. It’s not easy,” he laughed.

He confessed, recalling two miscarriages that day, “I got married at the age of 40, and Honeymoon Baby came to me like a miracle, and it became a legacy.”

He said, “I felt a heartache that I have never experienced since I was born in the world, and I think that because of my miscarriage, I have become further away from the groom.”

In addition, he confessed that he confessed that he was in a state of exhaustion due to stress, pressure, and compulsion, although it should be love, although many people will agree.

When all the gods heard this, they comforted him not to feel severe stress on the child, and Min Ji-young shed tears he had endured.

Shin Jeong-in, online news reporter [email protected]

Photo = Capture of YouTube channel’Grabangi Entertainment

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