LIVE | Man who killed daughter (8) in hospital had delusions | Inland

“I have put an end to it,” said suspect Steve B. shortly after the crime at the police station. “I stopped this. People say I’m crazy, but I’m not. I can’t trust anyone, not even the police. ”

The court in Rotterdam, where the 42-year-old B. is on trial, read this statement from the file on Friday morning. The suspect, who at the time suffered from fears and delusions, now says he cannot remember that he killed his daughter. He was confused, he says. Regarding his statement with the ‘motive’ at the time, he said in court: “At the time I thought it was so. But I don’t think like that for a long time now.

B. allegedly stabbed his daughter in the chest with scissors and left her in a room in the radiology department. Late in the evening, the girl was found at his direction, very badly injured. The child died during an emergency operation. B. walked into the hospital with scissors with blood and said to the police in the hall of the hospital, “Put the handcuffs on me.”

Diya’s mother was not present at the trial. She had a victim statement read by an employee of Victim Support. “Steve, I’m not here today. I can not take it. I cannot be in the same room with you. I feel hatred and disbelief. How is a father able to take his own daughter out of life? ”Said the mother.

“My life will never be the same again. I see the future black. I have nightmares every day, then I see images of you wandering around an abandoned hospital with your father ”, the mother addressed her deceased daughter. “Until today I don’t know what exactly happened in the 3.5 hours you were off the radar. How anxious you will have felt, how much pain you will have suffered. I wish I had never left you alone in the hospital with him. ”

Our reporter Saskia Belleman is present at the case. You can find her report at the bottom of the article.

The psychiatrist and psychologist at the Pieter Baan Center advise the court to at least impose compulsory treatment on the suspect. They also do not rule out that B. was completely insane when he stabbed his daughter. That could mean that the crime cannot be held against him. B. would then be obliged to undergo intensive psychiatric treatment.

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