Litigation funding for medical malpractice law

Litigation financing in medical liability law enables seriously injured patients access to justice if they suspect medical malpractice to be the cause of their harm.

The outcome of such a doctor’s liability litigation can hardly be predicted, especially for laypeople. Therefore, many victims shy away from the high costs of such legal proceedings. In this situation we at Omni Bridgeway can offer our support.

We check the chances of success of the lawsuit free of charge and without risks for the patient. If, at the end of this examination, we see overwhelming chances of success, we assume the entire cost risk and only hold a share in the proceeds if we succeed. In addition, we ensure equality of arms with the insurance companies within the framework of the legal proceedings by providing the lawyers with our medical advisors with a high level of expertise. But the process also brings financial advantages for the patient advocate himself.

He can offer his clients an additional option as part of the economic investigation. This increases the number of his mandates and his turnover. In addition to the statutory fees under the RVG, we also pay a fee of 1.0. At Omni Bridgeway, experts who have specialized in medical liability law for over a decade are available for professional exchange. The lawyer receives the fee from us promptly and reliably. In this way, he can concentrate on the essentials when communicating with his client – success in the matter.

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