Safe summer: five boats were incorporated to patrol the Delta

During the event, which was held at the force’s premises located in the Buenos Aires town of San Fernando, the authorities exhibited the units and highlighted the important work carried out by the workers of the Naval Prefecture, a force that is currently doubling its I work as part of the Safe Summer Operation, which has implied an intensification of surveillance and assistance to sports navigation to prevent accidents and verify compliance with current regulations.

After thanking the municipal officials, Frederic explained that “we are in a time of summer when it is necessary to reinforce the vessels that the Naval Prefecture has in this area of ​​the river and in Paraná, to the north, especially during the weekends. during the week, since you have to control the movement of the boats and carry out preventive tasks. This incorporation that we are doing today will allow us to work with the necessary, useful and prepared devices to give the corresponding indications to those who must know what has to be done and what cannot and should not be done so that accidents do not occur. Unfortunately, every weekend we receive parts of the PNA that inform that they must intervene in different events, such as kayaks that turn around or people who get on boats without respecting the established limits of social distancing to prevent the increase of Covid-19. These six boats are going to contribute to provide more security to people on the river ”.

This incorporation of 6 boats is also part of the necessary re-equipment for the four federal forces that, in previous years, were losing resources due to deterioration, lack of maintenance and the inadequacy of the resources that the State provided to the forces. These 5 boats, in fact, make it possible to exercise control and prevention in waters for which boats had been prevented from doing so.

The event was attended by the head of the Advisory Cabinet of the Ministry of Security, Cecilia Rodríguez; the General Director of Administration and Logistics, Jorge Kneeteman; the Director of Operations of the PNA, Miguel Ángel Reyes; the Secretary of Citizen Protection of the municipality of San Fernando, Néstor Pisetta and other authorities.

The boats:

These are Tracker-type boats, built on the basis of fiberglass reinforced plastic, they are propelled by outboard motors (ecological – low emission of exhaust gases) reaching a maximum speed between 28 and 35 knots hours (equivalent at 51/64 km / h).

Likewise, these boats have capacity for four passengers, they are equipped with modern communications, search and life-saving devices, destined to the control of sports and leisure navigation, as well as to the assistance of sailors and boats.

The imperative need for these boats has been in evidence in recent weeks in which, within the framework of Operation Safe Summer, the Naval Prefecture has carried out a large number of rescue operations, as well as deployments that led to the dismantling of related organizations with illegal drug trafficking, such as the one recorded yesterday afternoon in the Reconquista area, Santa Fe province.


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