The Pascual Guerrero stadium is getting ready to host the League and the Copa América

Enero 13, 2021 – 03:20 p. m.
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Editorial Office of El País – With information from the Press Office

The Pascual Guerrero stadium is preparing to host the national and international soccer tournaments of the upcoming season, after some adaptation works that have already been completed and others that are currently underway.

The Professional Football League, the Copa Libertadores and the Copa América are the events that the ‘Sanfernandino’ will host this year, so the Mayor of Cali and its Secretary of Sports and Recreation prepare the grass, which has been subjected to routine maintenance that will culminate in the first week of February.

“The Pascual Guerrero stadium has been heavily invested and we have it practically ready for the Copa América, complying with all the requirements demanded by Conmebol. Only the issue of the grass, now that Colombian football is over, maintenance is being done which will be 100% for the month of February, so that on the first date of the League, America could not play on stage ”, Expressed Carlos Diago, Secretary of Sports and Recreation of Cali.

The official added that the field has already undergone processes such as ‘vericut’ (vertical cutting of the grass to uncollify it), leveling, aeration (drilling with solids) and that during the course of this week micro-leveling began, which consists of in installation of sand to fill holes in specific places and the ‘top dresing’ or application of washed sand in general to the playing field.

In addition to this, a fertilization and irrigation process will begin so that the grass grows to a relevant height, then the cut will come and with a topography team the demarcation will be made for later use in the matches.

Regarding the plastering works, the dressing room area, the press room, the home and visitor benches, the common areas, the seating area was painted with the colors of the Santiago de Cali flag and the athletic track was washed. in its entirety, like the covers.

However, another great work gains strength within the stadium: it is the Business, Sports, Cultural and Tourist Business Center of Cali that will have 46 multifunctional offices of 40 m. squares on the second level of the eastern tribune.

“Already last week the legalization of the contracts was achieved and the initial minutes are in place. A review of plans and design was carried out and from January 15, orders for concrete and steel for the work will begin to be received, ”said Diago.

In turn, Felipe Dulcey, Undersecretary of Sports Infrastructure, explained that demolitions and some cuts that must be made are being considered “in addition to the biosafety protocols for the entry of personnel, since at this moment there are 26 people working between work contracts and auditing ”.


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