Lithuania sent largest group of illegal immigrants to Iraq


Lithuania takes tough measures to overcome the migration crisis

All migrants who agreed to voluntarily return to their homeland were paid 1,000 euros.

A group of illegal migrants from Iraq, consisting of almost 100 people who voluntarily agreed to return to their homeland, flew on Sunday from Vilnius International Airport to Baghdad. It is reported by Delphi with reference to the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Lithuania on Sunday, January 2.

This is the first charter flight from Vilnius to Iraq. Until now, there have been only a few cases when illegal immigrants voluntarily left Lithuania. They were sent by regular planes.

“We managed to stop illegal migration, and migrants who entered Lithuania and the EU illegally must be returned to their homeland. We must make efforts to convince them to return home voluntarily. The decision to increase payments threefold has borne fruit,” said the Minister of the Interior Agne Bilotayte.

All migrants who agreed to voluntarily return to their homeland were paid 1,000 euros. Migrants in Lithuania will be able to receive such payments until January 20, 2022.

In total, 537 migrants have already left Lithuania for their homeland, 482 of them voluntarily. Currently, 3166 illegal migrants live in five foreigners’ registration centers in Lithuania. The maintenance of one migrant costs Lithuania 11 thousand euros per year.

Formerly Belarusian border guards found the body of a migrant on the border with Lithuania… The Lithuanian security forces threw the body of the beaten refugee in a sleeping bag, Belarus claimed.

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