Lithuania said that Belarusian security forces forced migrants to its territory

By data The Ministry of Internal Affairs of Lithuania on August 17, on the border with Belarus this year, Lithuanian border guards detained 4124 migrants. Most of them are Iraqis, there are also citizens of Congo, Cameroon, Syria, Iran. Illegal migrants are accommodated in Lithuania in the tent camp.

The Lithuanian Defense Ministry stated that Belarus instructs illegal immigrants on the border. The Prime Minister of the country Ingrida Shimonyte asserted that the transportation of migrants is carried out by legal Belarusian companies that specialize in the tourism business. The Ministry of Internal Affairs of Lithuania reported on August 3 that a group of illegal immigrants was identified in Lithuania accompanied by a car that is used by the State Border Committee of Belarus.

Due to the growing influx of illegal migrants, the Lithuanian government on July 2 declared an emergency… On July 13, the Lithuanian Seimas officially recognized the influx of migrants from Belarus as hybrid aggression, and on August 3 Lithuania began to return illegal immigrants to Belarus… By information On August 9, the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Lithuania was not allowed into the country from Belarus and returned 1200 migrants.

Due to the influx of migrants in early August, the Lithuanian State Border Guard Service announced plans to build a net on the border with Belarus. four meter barbed wire fence length of 508 km. Its installation will cost more than € 150 million. Depending on funding, the construction of the fence can take up to three years.

Iraq amid the migration crisis began the evacuation of its citizens from Belarus.

Lithuanian Migration Service received 1.5 thousand requests on obtaining asylum from illegal migrants who arrived in the country from Belarus, so far not a single one has been satisfied. First illegal immigrant from Iraq flew home on the evening of August 12, stressed in the law enforcement department. Lithuanian authorities bought him a ticket and paid an allowance of € 300… According to Bilotaite, 14 migrants agreed to voluntarily leave Lithuania, writes BNS.

On August 13, Bilotaite stated that situation with the influx of migrants on the border of Belarus and Lithuania has stabilized.



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