Listed are simple ways to identify “dangerous” blood sugar levels

Great Britain,

14 Nov 2020.

Blood sugar spikes usually occur after a meal. However, the symptoms of such a dangerous condition cannot always be detected immediately. Doctors, in an interview with Express, named the most common but unexpected signs of diabetes.

According to doctors, sometimes it is possible to measure blood glucose levels only with the help of a glucometer, but there are several symptoms that can signal an illness. For example, frequent trips to the toilet. This may be due to increased thirst, which is also experienced by people with dangerous blood sugar levels.

Some citizens who suffer from type 2 diabetes mellitus have a “permanent” feeling of fatigue. In addition, the patient is faced with constant itching and blurred vision. In addition, the sensation of a film on the eyes often speaks of type 2 diabetes.

Doctors warn that if a person has such symptoms, then he needs to seek help. It is also necessary to undergo an examination if cuts or wounds on the body take longer to heal than usual.

Formerly LIVE24 reportedthat this winter people will have to worry not only about colds and flu, but also about the coronavirus, which makes taking additional measures to maintain immunity even more important. Among the many ways to do this, one of the easiest is to eat foods rich in vitamins and minerals.


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