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Lin Chiling’s Stunning Appearance at the Golden Horse Awards and the Red Carpet Controversy

Taiwan’s number one model Lin Chi-ling was invited to serve as the presenter of the 60th Golden Horse Awards this year. She even appeared on the starry red carpet wearing VALENTINO’s 2023 spring and summer haute couture series. However, because of a small detail, Chi-ling’s sister let Lan Xin Mei frowned slightly on “Coach Lan Talks the Red Carpet” and said, “This really deducts points for me!”

Lin Chiling wears VALENTINO 2023 spring and summer high order + TASAKI to attend the Golden Horse 60

▲Lin Chiling wore VALENTINO 2023 spring and summer haute couture to attend the Golden Horse 60

Lin Chiling appeared on the red carpet of the 60th Golden Horse Awards, wearing VALENTINO LE CLUB COUTURE 2023 spring and summer haute couture series. The exquisite silver metallic light hollow design showed a looming translucency, and the dress emphasized the waistcoat. The style design also outlines Lin Chiling’s S-curve.

▲Lin Chiling wore TASAKI to attend the Golden Horse 60

In terms of jewelry matching, Lin Chiling appeared wearing Aurora earrings and Aurora rings from the TASAKI Atelier series. The choice is low-key and does not steal the show but can set off her temperament. Lan Xinmei greatly praised: “It is difficult to match such a bright dress. But I must say her jewelry matches perfectly!”

Lin Chiling’s small details on the Golden Horse red carpet were greatly deducted by Lan Xinmei

▲Lin Chiling’s toes came out of high heels in her Golden Horse 60 red carpet look

However, when the live zoom in was broadcast, Lan Xinmei noticed that the high-heeled sandals on Lin Chiling’s feet caused her little toe to run out. After checking the screen again and again, she confessed that she didn’t like her feet. “My little finger ran outside. This will deduct points for me! I will deduct 50 points!”

▲Lan Xinmei thinks Lin Chiling’s Golden Horse 60 red carpet shoe size deducted points

Lan Xinmei suggested that if other actresses are in a similar situation, “If you want to wear a long dress and expose your feet, your shoes are very important, otherwise you should cover them up.” She also mentioned that the lasts of each pair of shoes are different. It is likely that this pair of shoes and clothes are the most suitable, and there is no time to try different shoes, which is why such a small mistake occurs.

Little S seizes the opportunity to cheat on Lin Chiling

▲Little S secretly stole Lin Chiling’s toes and ran out of her sandals

It’s rare for Lin Chiling to make a small fashion mistake. How could her eternal nemesis Xiao S miss this good opportunity? When she saw netizens commenting under the photo she posted of her daughter and her nephew, “Didn’t Lily’s mother go to the Golden Horse to present awards?”, she responded below: “You mean the fake one? His toes flew out of his sandals. That one?” He shot another shot at Sister Zhiling with great humor.

Teacher Mei Ning explains why “actresses’ shoes don’t fit”

▲Teacher Mei Ning explains why “actresses’ shoes don’t fit”

Female stars wearing ill-fitting shoes have appeared on the entertainment page. This matter has long been commonplace. Earlier, Yang Mi became a hot topic on Weibo for wearing oversized high heels when attending the LOEWE 2024 spring and summer show. For this reason, Xiao The editor also specially interviewed stylist Mei Ning about the insider selection of actresses’ “shoe size”.

She explained that every actress has her own preference for wearing high-heeled shoes. When discussing “high-heeled sandals”, it is not just the length of the foot that needs to be decided. The length of the toes and the width of the foot are also factors to consider. You cannot just look at the back foot. If it doesn’t fit, just say that the shoes don’t fit. “Some people’s feet are wider, which may be her size, but the front feet are too tight and she can’t walk, so she takes a larger size.” Teacher Mei Ning reminded that the shoes are comfortable to wear. The most important thing is that girls who buy larger shoes to match the width of the soles of their feet can add more transparent half pads or full pads, so that they can walk well!

Picture source: Picture/TVBS Entertainment Group, VALENTINO, TASAKI, IG@elephantdeeyangmimimi912、YouTube@I am the biggest woman

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