Li Yapeng’s Financial and Personal Problems Leads to Wife’s Complaints

Mainland actor Li Yapeng remarried, but made his wife unhappy. (Picture / flip from Weibo)

Mainland male star Li Yapeng had a marriage with singer Faye Wong in the past. This year he remarried with Haiha Jinxi, who was born as Miss World, and gave birth to a daughter. However, it was reported that he had financial problems. He had not made a film for many years and even changed his career. Selling tea, the current wife recently filmed a video to complain about her husband, revealing that she wanted to broadcast live to bring goods to make money, but was stopped by Li Yapeng, thinking that the other party was too big a man, which also caused the two to quarrel.


Haeha Kim Xi recorded a video complaining about her husband. (Picture / flip from Weibo)

Li Yapeng divorced Faye Wong in the past, and he admitted that the divorce was related to the financial situation. He also said that he had no income for six years after he faded out of the showbiz, and could only live on the money left over from filming in the past. Now that he is remarried, he also admits that he owes 40 million RMB in debt, and thinks it was too romantic before, “How can I make every child smile again; how can I go to run a hospital and provide education” .

After marriage, he also said that he began to sell tea to support his family, but his personality still made his current wife unhappy. Haiha Jinxi recently “complained” on the social networking site, thinking that the other half was too masculine, and he was unwilling to let her show up to help To make money together, as long as she takes good care of her daughter, it will cause the two to quarrel.

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Economic problems and personality problems also make many netizens think, “Money is really important”, “Why don’t you go back to filming?”, “With no money and a big man, it’s no wonder Faye Wong wants to divorce”, “Inexplicable investment That’s why marriages fail.”

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