Mohamed Ramadan: Fiery Statements on Life and Artistic Matters

The artist, Mohamed Ramadan, made a number of fiery statements with the journalist, Moataz Al-Demerdash, on Al-Sharq TV, where he talked about many life and artistic matters.

In the following report, we monitor the most prominent statements of Muhammad Ramadan.

Mohamed Ramadan said: “I am the most expensive singer in Egypt now, and the next singer takes 50% of my wages, in addition to requesting a private plane and a certain number of dancers.

And Muhammad Ramadan added: Before presenting the series “Ibn Halal”, I used to see the Egyptian audience printing pictures of a famous Turkish artist, which caused me a state of jealousy and obstinacy, and I insisted on presenting works of greater public verification, which was achieved until my pictures were printed, as well as pictures of my works, perhaps the last of which is a series. “Jaafar Al-Omda”, which achieved a large audience when it was shown last Ramadan, so that the audience was waiting to watch it in the cafes.

Muhammad Ramadan explained: I was hoping to present a work on the late President Anwar Sadat, due to my good relationship with the late president’s family, but what Ahmed presented in the movie “Days of Sadat” caused the closure of presenting this dream, especially since he presented it with great professionalism and it met with great success.

Mohamed Ramadan

Muhammad Ramadan continued: The late international artist Omar Sharif was like a lifeline for me, but forget his word that I am his successor, and this praise was a strong motivation for me, especially since it was at a difficult time for me, as he believed in me and my talent.

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Muhammad Ramadan explained: The reason for my boarding a private plane is to shorten the time, as I benefit from this matter in business and prepare for it better. Whoever criticizes me because of this matter and my clothes that I wear in concerts and clips is unreal, as I present the song that suits my clothes, as I say in one of the songs. Money is like rain, so can I stand in clothes in the rain?

Muhammad Ramadan spoke about his parents, saying: “My office is under my mother’s favorite sofa, and I literally applied paradise under the feet of mothers with my mother, literally. For foreign tourism but I try to steal some time.

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