Acer’s SpatialLabs View Pro: Experience Realistic Glasses-Free 3D Technology on the Go

Glasses-free 3D is full of realism.

Acer to partner with SpatialLabs to create professional smartphones starting in 2021Glasses-free 3D technologyand launched the first nude video in the same year 3D laptop, Acer was not satisfied with the results, and recently launched the SpatialLabs View Pro mobile monitor, which brings the naked-view 3D function to the external model. Users who want to try this technology are no longer limited to brands and laptops. Users can choose more civilian and flexible glasses-free 3D devices. SpatialLabs View Pro is now available on the official websiteBookingpriced at HK$13,998.

Matthew Wong/ Engadget Chinese

Matthew Wong/ Engadget Chinese

The author was fortunate to be invited to the press conference to test the naked-view 3D function of SpatialLabs View Pro in person. You only need to stand about one step away, and the camera on the screen will automatically capture the distance of the user and calculate the 3D effect. It takes 15 seconds to adapt, and then you can see a very real 3D image. It seems that you can even touch it with your hand. The effect is quite good.

Staff demonstrates software support add-ons.

Staff demonstrates software support add-ons.

In terms of specifications, SpatialLabs View Pro is a 15.6-inch 4K mobile display with Delta E<2, 100% Adobe RGB color gamut and 400 nits high brightness specifications, and the color accuracy is very high. In addition, Acer pointed out that its naked-eye 3D viewing distance is ±35cm to ±75cm, left to right is ±17cm, and up and down is ±30cm. Users must meet the angle and distance to see the real 3D images. In addition, because glasses-free 3D has a high demand for graphics computing, Acer recommends that desktops should be equipped with at least an i7 processor and an RTX 2070 or higher discrete graphics card, and laptops should be equipped with an i7 processor and an RTX 3070 Ti or higher discrete graphics card to be effective.

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In addition, SpatialLabs View Pro requires the cooperation of both software and hardware to enjoy the 3D experience. Users can use the exclusive SpatialLabs Go software to convert ordinary 2D content into 3D images through AI artificial intelligence, not just native Creation, even viewing ordinary photos, videos, and making video calls, etc., can be converted into 3D images. In addition, because it supports Unreal Engine and Unity Plugin, most games can be converted to 3D screen display. The 3D creation software commonly used by professionals such as 3Ds Max and Blender also have corresponding add-ons to allow their 3D content to be displayed on SpatialLabs View Pro.

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