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Letter of Hamas Leaders to Jokowi in the Middle of Hot Israel-Palestine


Leader Hamas, Ismail Haniyeh sent a letter to President Joko Widodo (Jokowi). The letter was sent amid the heat of the conflict between Israel and Palestine.

The letter was sent Haniyeh to Jokowi on Tuesday (18/5). Through the letter, the Palestinian militant leader asked Jokowi to mobilize Muslim and international support for Palestine.

“We ask you to act immediately and mobilize Arab, Islamic and international support, and to take a clear and resolute stance obliging the Israeli occupation to immediately end its aggression and terror in the Gaza Strip,” Haniyeh said in his letter. Anadolu Agency, Thursday (20/5/2021).

Haniyeh asked Jokowi to call for an end to violence against Palestinians in Jerusalem. He also asked Jokowi to call for an end to forced evictions and racial discrimination against Palestinians.

“Including the scheme of Judaization, settlements, forced evictions and racial discrimination, and repeal all decrees targeting the gate and its environment, especially the Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood,” he continued.

In addition, Haniyeh also asked Jokowi to unite international support to urge Israel to withdraw from the Al-Aqsa Mosque, including stopping violence against worshipers and giving them their right to worship at the mosque.

“May God bless and bestow success, and for the further progress of Indonesia,” said Haniyeh.

This is not the first letter Hamas has sent to Jokowi. On May 10, 2021, Haniyeh also sent a letter to Jokowi. Haniyeh then sought support and called on Muslims to stand together against Israeli aggression at the end of the holy month of Ramadan.

Presidential spokesman Fajdroel Rachman has yet to respond to questions regarding the letter.

To note, the conflict between Palestinian militants Hamas with Israel still heating up. Attack after attack continued to be launched both.

Until this afternoon local time, at least 200 Palestinians died as a result of the Israeli attack. Of the 200 residents who died, 65 of them were children. More than 1,620 citizens have also been reported injured in Israeli attacks on Palestine since May 10.

Meanwhile, from the Israeli side, 12 Israelis were reportedly killed in Palestinian rocket fire from the Gaza Strip.

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