Lesti’s stomach is bigger than Aurel’s, Netizens guess at her gestational age

Jakarta, Insertlive

Aurel Hermansyah uploaded a moment together with Lesti Kejora on the Instagram page.

In the photo, the two look compact in a white shirt combined with a black Gucci belt.

To complete the look, Aurel used hijab black while Lesti wears a pink scarf and a light brown knitted vest.

The two pregnant women also showed a smile for the camera.

Dede Lestyyy ❤️, in good health, you are beautiful and kind,” wrote Ariel.


Netizens too enliven the comments column for the upload, from prayer to praise was written.

However, from the many comments from netizens, there is something wrong with Lesti’s stomach which is bigger than Aurel’s stomach.

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