Lee Gyeong-sil exposes sexual harassment + verbal violence… “Sometimes they ask you to open your skirt” (`Hogeul sister`)

[매일경제 스타투데이 신효원 인턴기자]

Comedian Lee Gyeong-sil exposed sexual harassment and verbal abuse in the past.

On the 24th, on the YouTube channel’Hogeul Sister_Lee Gyeongsil’ run by Lee Kyung-sil on the 24th, a video titled’Gag Woman, a difficult time due to verbal violence / Anger-provider Choi Yang-rak, his splendid past /’My title was this x that x’ Was released. In the video, Lee Gyeong-sil invited senior comedian Choi Yang-rak to talk about the past together.

Lee Kyung-sil said, “When we first entered the broadcasting station in 1987, when we saw it from the viewer’s point of view, comedians always conveyed laughter, so I thought,’The atmosphere will be friendly’ and’People will also be very good’,” he said. .

“But I wasn’t the one who conveys the laughter we know.’How are those people loved by the people?’,’Do you know the two sides of those people?’ When I was a junior, I thought a lot. I really wanted to expose when I was hit. If I was exposed at that time, it would be a feeling of disclosure.”

Choi Yang-rak, who heard this, said, “Some time ago, there was such a story about Me Too, but the verbal violence was great. Just when female comedians came in, I cried for several months.”

Lee Gyeong-sil recalled, “I haven’t heard of’Lee Gyeong-sil’. I called it’Hey, this X-ah.’

In addition, Yang-Rak Choi said, “We had a lot of obscenity on the KBS side, whether or not there were women, actors, and juniors. When he said,’I went to the night yesterday and did what I did,’ Lee Kyung-sil said, “We treated us the same as the girls we met at that night. When I talked about that, it was very shameful,” he recalled.

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Lee Kyung-sil also released the episode that occurred at the time of the 100th episode of MBC’s entertainment program’Sunday Sunday Night’. He said, “There were cases where the stage was an aluminum stage and reflected like a mirror. Then women wearing skirts may see their underwear. So, I’m very careful, but one senior asked me to open the skirt. He said to see what color I was wearing. “I was shocked.

“It was a year or two after I entered at that time, and I asked myself,’Where are you doing this unawares, is this sound like a horse right now?’ “If I didn’t do this, I didn’t do it, I can’t do this with you.”

At the same time, Lee Kyung-sil said, “At that time, the atmosphere just passed, and I could have seen worse about why a woman behaves that way,” and “I thought,’I can’t work while receiving such treatment.’

But I was the head of my family, and I should have chosen something that could make money fast.”

So Yang-rak Choi said, “I’m the best and I have to make money, but it’s humiliating, but I can’t be cut off by hitting my seniors. But I’m still?” I asked him if I would like to be swearing.” Then he said, “This X-yi” and I trembled.”

On the other hand, Lee Kyung-sil appeared on the SBS entertainment program’Goal Striking Girls’, which was introduced as a special feature on the 12th of the year.

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