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Vesper and Entei are available in the menu Redeem Items!

Now, Vesper and Entei (5 ★) will be available in the section Pts combat from the Redeem Items menu.

Redeem Reclutacompis S Coupons and get hold of them. You can get coupons as a reward for combat points.

Notice: See the notice About the combat points for more information on combat points.

Vesper and Entei (5 ★) are some compis teachers Fire-type.

The master passive skill Charisma Fire of Vesper and Entei boosts movements and reduces the damage suffered by attack movements of the entire allied side by at least 10% in both cases.

The effect is amplified the more you compete with the Fire Badge on your team, making it a powerful support for your allies.

These compis also have movements like Holy fire, which thaws the user and has a 50% chance to burn the target, and Multiple X Regeneration, that applies the HP Regeneration effect to the friendly side.

Available from

28/07/2021 (7:00)


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