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Lebanese Forces Party Calls for Transparent Investigation into Assassination: Latest Updates

Dubai United Arab Emirates (CNN)– The Lebanese Forces Party called, on Tuesday, for a “clear, transparent, public, frank, and accurate investigation of its facts and merits,” into His coordinator in the Jbeil region, Pascal Suleiman, was killedHe stressed that “until the results of this investigation are issued, we consider that Pascal Suleiman was subjected to a political assassination.”

The Lebanese Army announced on Monday evening that “the Army Intelligence Directorate was able to arrest most of the members of the Syrian gang involved in the kidnapping of Pascal Suleiman. During their investigation, it became clear that the kidnapped person was killed by them while they were trying to steal his car in the Jbeil area, and that they transported his body to Syria.” On Tuesday, the Lebanese Army announced that it had received Suleiman’s body from the Syrian authorities.

The media department of the Lebanese Forces Party said in a statement, “In all cases, what must be stressed, emphasized, focused and highlighted is that what led to this assassination operation, regardless of its background, are fundamental and fundamental factors.”

She added, “The first factor is the presence of the “party” in the form in which it exists under the pretext of so-called resistance or other pretexts, and this illegal presence of the party has led to the disruption of the role of the state and the effectiveness of this role, which has paved the way for gun gangs and armed chaos. The main problem then lies On the “Party” island that generates chaos, and unless the situation of this island is addressed, it is in vain to seek to control the islands of chaos. These gangs exist, but they feed from the factor of the absence of the state,” referring to the “Hezbollah” group, but without mentioning it explicitly.

The Lebanese Forces Party saw that “the second factor is the loose border that the Party transformed into a strategic line between Tehran and Beirut under the title of unity of the squares, so it abolished the borders. Unless the illegal crossings are closed and the legitimate crossings are controlled, these borders will remain a crossing for political and criminal crime and the smuggling of drugs and contraband.” Therefore, whoever keeps the borders loose is responsible for the crimes committed either directly or indirectly,” according to the statement.

He continued, “The third factor is the ‘castration’ of the state’s judicial, security, military, and other departments by preventing them from working in certain areas, on certain issues, or in any matter related to any person belonging to the axis of resistance.”

The Lebanese Forces Party called for “continuing the struggle in an effort to end the causes of assassinations and crimes of all kinds,” saying that “it is impossible to achieve this except by crossing over to the actual state in which it alone extends its sovereignty over all its lands, and which alone has exclusive weapons, and it is not forbidden.” She must not enter any area she wants, nor investigate any matter she wants.”

For his part, Gebran Bassil, head of the Free Patriotic Movement party and former Lebanese Foreign Minister, said in tweets via his account on the “X” platform (formerly Twitter), that this is “a horrific crime, whatever its motives, even if it appears from now that it is theft.” It is the result of a game of nations: an external game with internal collusion and keeping more than two million Syrians in Lebanon, with the existential risks that this means for Lebanon, including security risks like what happened with Pascal and others.”

He added, “The security threat resulting from displacement does not mean taking moral or physical revenge on displaced Syrians because that creates great strife in Lebanon between the Lebanese and Syrians, in addition to sabotaging our relationship with a people who are neighbors and friends and with whom we are able to build a good future.”

He continued, saying: “The solution is through pressure and actual action to return the Syrians to their country… action and action, not talk.” He believed that “what is important now is not to add to the catastrophe an additional, even greater catastrophe, by igniting the fire of strife.”

Bassil affirmed his rejection of “all messages of intimidation and seditious calls for revenge,” and warned against “any conspiracy to ignite a war in Lebanon that Lebanon’s enemies want and exploit,” as he put it.

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