Lebanese Artist Zeina Makki Reveals New Shoulder Tattoo in Solidarity with Palestine

Lebanese artist Zeina Makki, known for her love of small tattoos, revealed a new tattoo that she placed on her shoulder.

Zeina published pictures of her participation in the closing ceremony of the Red Sea International Film Festival on her Instagram page. She chose an elegant black dress that was exposed at the shoulders. Through the pictures, she showed some small tattoos that adorned her body, revealing a new tattoo that she placed on her shoulder, which says: About the shape of the map of Palestine, in a step of solidarity with the Palestinian cause.

She accompanied the photo with a comment about her personal life in which she wrote: “When I graduated from school, I was one of the first in Kuwait in the scientific field, and I intended to study medicine or architecture, but contrary to everyone’s expectations, I chose to study film directing, because I had a secret love relationship in this field. And I succeeded. “I graduated from the university and made short films and a documentary. My films and I traveled to many festivals. Even my first role in the field of acting, which I entered upon by chance, was a starring role in a movie.”

She added: “After that, I was a little away from cinema… for many years. During this beautiful film festival, I remembered why I chose cinema, and I remembered how much I longed to return to making films. Behind the camera lens, or in front of it.”

The audience interacted widely with Zeina’s new tattoo, and many of them commented on her love for the tattoos that she constantly displays, and one of them said: “The map of Palestine… Oh God, how beautiful your soul and feeling are, my love.”

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