Leave Kherson, leave the Security Council / GORDON

As Nebenzya himself stated (the text of his speech published on the website of the Russian representative office), he did so in order not to “listen to the bilious eloquence” of the Permanent Representative of Ukraine Serhiy Kislytsya.

Before that, he voiced a number of Russian propaganda theses (including “neo-Nazi rallies” in Ukraine), “confirmed” Moscow’s readiness for negotiations.the purpose of which would be to eliminate the causes” due to which the Russian Federation has launched a full-scale invasion of Ukraine, and declared that Russia would continue to bomb Ukraine’s infrastructure.

Nebenzia acknowledged that “the military realities” on the ground “are evident, but he was indignant that the West and Ukraine do not perceive the logic of the Russian Federation. In his opinion, “such a scenario leaves no other choice to the Russian Federation that it continue to achieve Moscow’s goals” by military means.

Nebenzya cited the statement by National Security Council Secretary of Ukraine Oleksiy Danilov, who said that Russians are barbarians. “They are just barbarians, and when you say, with these barbarians, we should sit at the same table and talk about something with them, I think this will be unworthy of our people,” Danilov said on December 1, he was quoted “Interfax-Ukraine”.

“I think it would be superfluous to explain that we cannot fail to respond to such hateful rhetoric from Kiev and counter its hostile actions, including by carrying out attacks on infrastructure used for military supplies, logistics and communications of Ukrainian armed formations. In other words, we will weaken the military potential of the regime [президента Украины Владимира] Zelensky,” Nebenzya said.

At the end of his speech, he complained to those present in Kislitsa and left.

Sorrel reacted to opponent’s statements on Twitter.

“Nebenzya came forward and said he didn’t have the strength to read my tweets and listen to my speeches and dumped it from the UN Security Council. What can I say?” Withdraw, so withdraw! They left Kherson, leave the Security Council, Nebenzya!” PS And there is nothing to complain about the popular tweet creativity of Ukrainians, which inspires me too,” she wrote.

Kislitsa attached a meme to the post, where the character of the story about Malysh and Carlson – nanny Freken Bock – says to the Russian ambassador: “Oh, don’t bring me here.”

Kislytsya recalled that the Russian Federation, retreating from Kherson, spoke of “regrouping”.

“There are no speeding tickets at the United Nations, but there’s also no way to avoid liability! The finish line is The Hague. Don’t stop, Ambassador! Regroup!” he called Nebenzya and posted a video showing him leaving the Security Council meeting.

On Facebook he forgot the same video and added, “I’d watch it forever.” According to the Ukrainian diplomat, the Nebenzi court is “already on the horizon”.


It’s not the first time Nebenzya has left the hall before Kislitsa’s performance. Tas it was, in particular, on October 21stwhen a Security Council meeting was called due to Russian bombing of Ukrainian civilian infrastructure.

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