LAST MINUTE STORM WARNING! Meteorology said “evening hours”! Storm in 3 zones! Speed: 105 km!

According to the latest evaluations made by the General Directorate of Meteorology, the general part of our country is partly cloudy and partly cloudy; Marmara, Aegean, Western Mediterranean, south and west of Eastern Anatolia, north and east of Southeastern Anatolia, Eskisehir, Konya, Karaman, Sivas, Giresun and Sanliurfa are expected to pass rainy.


From the evening hours on the coastal parts of Muğla, after the night hours of rainfall expected to be strong around Antalya; coastal areas and southeastern Anatolia, rain and showers, other places are expected to be in the form of sleet and snow.


In the storm warning made by the General Directorate of Meteorology “Wind, this evening in the North and Central Aegean, the west of the Black Sea and the Marmara Sea by increasing the effect from the night hours by increasing the north and northeast directions 6 to 8 (50-75 km / h) storm, tomorrow from the morning hours of 8 to 10 strength (75-105 km / h) is expected to blow in the form of a full storm. The storm is expected to lose its effect on Wednesday noon, “said.


The air temperature is not expected to change significantly. Here, according to the latest forecasts, the expected temperatures and weather conditions in our provinces …

ANKARA: 5, Partly cloudy.

ISTANBUL: 9, Very cloudy, rainy from noon.

IZMIR: 13, Partly cloudy with rain and showers from noon.

ADANA: 14, Scattered clouds.

ANTALYA: 17, Partly cloudy and very cloudy, from the evening hours is expected to pass rain showers, rainfall is expected to be strong after night hours.

ESKİŞEHİR: 6, Partly cloudy and very cloudy after night hours with sleet and rain.

KONYA: 6, Partly cloudy and very cloudy after night hours with sleet and rain.

Samsun: 13, Scattered clouds.

TRABZON: 11, Scattered clouds.

ERZURUM: -1, Scattered clouds.

KARS: -2, Scattered clouds.

MALATYA: 5, Very cloudy with sleet and rain.

Van: 3, Partly cloudy.

DIYARBAKIR: 6, Very cloudy and rainy.

GAZIANTEP: 7, Very cloudy.

ŞANLIURFA: 8, Very cloudy and rainy.

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