Last Minute: A transfer decision was made for Cengiz Ünder! Bayern Munich, when saying Arsenal …


Spor Arena / Detail – At the beginning of the season Roma‘and the Premier Lig ekibi Leicester National football player transferred to City Cengiz Ünder England adventure did not go as he wanted. For Cengiz Ünder, who was able to find a place in the top 11 in only 1 game in the Premier League this season due to the effects of his injuries, it seems like the end of the road in the Leicester story.

In fact, the Leicester adventure had begun very well for Cengiz Ünder. Cengiz, who entered the game against Arsenal in the second game of the league, drew attention with his assist to Vardy. One game later, he applied the same scenario, this time against Leeds. Cengiz Ünder, praised by the fans and the British press, could not show the same performance after these two matches with the effect of injuries.


According to the Telegraph newspaper from England, Leicester City decided not to take the testimonial of Cengiz Ünder, which he rented at the beginning of the season. It was stated that Leicester decided not to continue with Cengiz and the national football player will return to Rome. The 23-year-old football player, who had a contract with Roma for 2 more years, had the clause that he could receive 20 million pounds of testimony in the contract he signed with Leicester.



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Telegraph writer John Percy announced the news of Cengiz Ünder, while the comments made by Leicester supporters for Cengiz Ünder on social media drew attention.

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Leicester fans said for Cengiz, “It was a shame… He came with high hopes, but injuries limited him from getting a chance. We will never be able to replace Mahrez, we haven’t had a player who can perform half as much as him. ” And “ They have had good matches, it is obvious that he has potential, but he could not find a chance, it was the right decision. ”



However, not much, he was thinking of Cengiz Ünder for the gap that occurred after the separation of Bayern Munich, Frank Ribery and Arjen Robben 2 years ago. It was stated that the German team asked Roma for the price of the national football player and seriously wanted this transfer. However, Bayern Munich later preferred Leroy Sane instead of Cengiz Ünder. It was claimed by the British press that Arsenal from the Premier League also wanted to transfer Cengiz Ünder.


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James Pallotta, the former owner of Rome, who is in possession of Cengiz Ünder’s testimonial, made confessions about Cengiz Ünder recently.


Speaking to The Athletic, Pallotta said, “Cengiz Ünder was a good transfer for us, but it was costly. Still, we thought of good things and waited for him to reach the level we could be sure of, but I don’t think he succeeded. We made a mistake in this transfer.

The national football player was transferred from Başakşehir to Rome in 2017 for a 14.5 million euro transfer fee. National Turkey football Cengiz Ünder, who made his team’s jersey sweaty in 25 matches, had 2 goals and 3 assists while playing a total of 19 games with Leicester City this season. The star football player scored 2 goals in the Federation Cup and the European League.

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Last Minute: Transfer decision was made for Cengiz Ünder Bayern Munich, Arsenal saying ...

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