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Lang Lang’s music bus reappears in Changsha, and Huang Yuxun brings a concert of Jay Chou’s works

Listening to Jay Chou while watching the beautiful Changsha

On August 9, the Lang Lang Music Bus entered Star City again.

Huang Yuxun (left), a well-known arranger and concert music director who has worked with Jay Chou for many years, brings a concert of Jay Chou’s works to Changsha music fans.

Two women take a selfie on the second floor of the Lang Lang music bus.Photo by Dong Yang, an all-media reporter from Changsha Evening News

Changsha Evening News, August 9th (all-media reporter Yin Wei) “I still remember that you said that home is the only castle. As the Daoxiang River continues to run, I know the dream of a little smile when I was a child…” accompanied by Jay Chou’s classic song “Rice”. The melody of “Scent” sounded, and on the evening of August 9, Lang Lang’s music bus entered Star City again. Starting from Malan Mountain facing the sunset, to the stop at Fisherman’s Wharf and blowing the river breeze, Lang Lang Music Bus swayed the charm of music all the way. The arranger and concert music director Huang Yuxun, who has cooperated with Jay Chou for many years, brought Jay Chou’s works concerts to Changsha fans, one after another classic melodies, like keys, unlocking the deep memory of the audience.

Lang Lang’s music bus is coming for the second time

On the evening of the 9th, the reporter rushed to the Malanshan Video Cultural and Creative Industrial Park. The afterglow of the sunset has dyed the sky along the Liuyang River into a colorful picture intertwined with red, yellow and blue, but this is not as dazzling as a red bus – Lang Lang’s music bus is parked on the side of the road, waiting for fans to board the bus and start the night’s itinerary. . On the electronic display screen in front of the bus, the red characters “Changsha in Music” are particularly eye-catching.

Lang Lang Music Bus is a cultural project launched by the national piano master Lang Lang. Simply put, it is a bus to browse the city scenery and listen to wonderful music. Lang Lang Music Bus is affectionately called “Red Fat Man” and is a large double-decker bus. The best location is the second floor, not only has a 360-degree panoramic sunroof, you can enjoy the beautiful view from any position, but the seats are also thoughtfully replaced with the same style of the concert hall, which has a concert atmosphere, allowing passengers to experience the its borders.

This is not the first time Lang Lang Music Bus has come to Changsha. As early as April this year, it left Shenzhen and chose Changsha as the second stop in China, and held a public welfare concert with the theme of “Hands to Pick Stars, I Love Changsha Smile”. From “March of the Volunteers” to “Liuyang River”, from intangible cultural heritage projects Tanci, Huagu Opera to rap music that is popular with young people nowadays, Lang Lang, together with Yang Lele, Liao Yong, Li Zijian and many other provincial cultural celebrities, tell everyone about Changsha in music. History, Changsha culture, Changsha spirit. At that time, Lang Lang made a wish, looking forward to the opportunity to land the music bus permanently in Changsha. Sure enough, in August, Lang Lang Music Bus entered Changsha again.

Compared with the last time, the Lang Lang Music Bus stayed in Changsha for a longer time this time, with more performances and a variety of themes.The first is the “two-way travel” on the Qixi Festival on August 4.

“Meet You” and invited several couples to board the car. Among them, 91-year-old Ma Bingquan’s father played the piano song “Swan” to express love for 89-year-old Peng Min Qiuyu. The second is the concert of Jay Chou’s works for three consecutive days from August 7th to 9th. The protagonist this time is Huang Yuxun, the arranger and concert music director who has worked with Jay Chou for many years.

Jay Chou’s arranger praised Changsha for being hot

Music fans who are familiar with Jay Chou know that he came to prominence in “Super Rookie King” in 1997. At that time, he won the second place in the competition, and the same champion was Huang Yuxun. Later, the former rivals became musical partners. Huang Yuxun arranged for Jay Chou “Rice of Rice”, “Sea of ​​Flowers”, “Fireworks Easy to Cold” and “Listen to Dad’s Words”, all of which are widely sung classics. In July this year, Jay Chou’s latest album “The Greatest Work” was released, and Huang Yuxun participated in the arrangement of all 12 songs.

For many people, arranging and composing are easily confused concepts. Huang Yuxun told reporters that the two are both different and related. For pop music, the composition is more inclined to the main melody part of the vocals, and the arranger is responsible for the instrumental performance. However, an excellent arranger must also master a complete set of composition techniques, including harmony, mode, musical form, orchestral orchestration, etc. This is the basic skill. Huang Yuxun deliberately used the word “service” to summarize the characteristics of the arrangement work. With the refinement of the commercial division of labor in popular music, the arrangement is more of a service composition, which can make the accompaniment better fit the main melody and make a The song is presented in its entirety.

Huang Yuxun was deeply impressed by the Internet celebrity city and happy Changsha during this trip to Hunan. “Changsha’s food is hot, and Changsha’s people are hot.” After the performance, Huang Yuxun, like many netizens who came here, visited the Wuyi business district, the representative of Changsha’s night economy. Lang Lang once said that Changsha is a city that does not feel pressure, because Changsha people are optimistic and creative. When Huang Yuxun saw the intimate interaction between the resident singer and the audience, he couldn’t help feeling overwhelmed. This city deserves to use music to convey love and beauty.

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