Health L1mburg Central: Fortuna has also started preparations 1Limburg

L1mburg Central: Fortuna has also started preparations 1Limburg


Monday in L1mburg Central: regional task force maps out corona consequences, Fortuna Sittard also started preparations, why are the farmers protesting? and more Limburg news.

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Regional task force maps corona effects
How hard does the corona crisis cut in and what should we – Limburg – learn from this? The province of Limburg has set up a task force to answer these questions. This task force consists of 10 experts from different sectors. Such as business, culture, sports and medical care. Rector Magnificus of Maastricht University Rianne Letschert leads the club. What are they going to do? We discuss it with her in L1mburg Central.

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Why are farmers angry about animal feed?
It is a recurring scene: angry farmers blocking motorways and driveways and exits. This has also been the case in recent days, including in Ittervoort. This time because of a new discussion: the protein content in animal feed. To reduce nitrogen emissions, the minister wants less protein in the feed. Farmers say that this has no effect and is even harmful to the cows.

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Fortuna Sittard also started preparations
Fortuna Sittard has started preparations for the new football season today. The club has changed in several areas. A number of important players left and new names were added. Kevin Hofland is the new head coach and Sjors Ultee is the new technical manager.

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Route Region on the road in Peel en Maas
Day one of our new summer series in L1mburg Central: Route Regio. The next seven weeks we will make daily reports from various places in Limburg. Reporter Ruud van Broekhoven kicks off. Ruud is today in the municipality of Peel en Maas. What will he do?

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