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Bring Sharp Weapons, Hundreds of Citizens Uncover Covid-19 Dead Boxes in Jeneponto, Provokotor Hunting Police Page

- – Hundreds of residents in Jeneponto, South Sulawesi, forcibly took the corpse infected with Covid-19 which was about to be buried by medical officers in the public cemetery (TPU) of Beru Village, Mahanloe Village, Tamalatea District, Saturday (04/07/2020).

One of the relatives of the patient said, the victim was not dead due to corona, but was pierced by the Moringa stem.

“Because of being stabbed by an Moringa rod, it was found that it was corona, so we refused,” said Caya (40), a relative of the victim, via text message.

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At that time, according to the statement of the Head of the Disease Prevention and Control Division of the Jeneponto Suryaningrat District Health Office, residents had been waiting at TPU by bringing sharp weapon.

The police officers who escorted medical officers could not do much.

Finally, the villagers succeed in bringing home the SL body (69). Not only that, citizens are also anxious to open the casket.

Your swab positive corona

Horth Rasur Illustration of corona test using swab or swab method to find out someone infected with Covid-19.

As reported earlier, SL claimed to have an upset stomach after being pricked by an Moringa stem. By family, the victim was taken to the Lanto Daeng Pasewang Jeneponto Regional General Hospital (RSUD) on Wednesday (1/7/2020).

After undergoing a medical examination, including throat or swab test swab. At that time, results swab declared the victim infected with the corona virus.

After being isolated, SL finally died on Saturday (4/7/2020).

The police are tracking the perpetrators

Dilansie from Tribunnews, Jeneponto Police Chief, AKBP Ferdiansyah said, his party had set seven people to be suspected provocateurs of the citizen action.

“There are seven people we stated who were directly involved,” he said.

Police continued to explore the case, including residents who dismantled the coffin.

“The steps we are taking are coordinating with TGC of Jeneponto Regency to conduct a health examination for these seven people,” he said.

(Author: Bone Contributor, Abdul Haq | Editor: Khairina)


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