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the gap without VAR at the head of La Liga


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Josep Maria Bartomeu, president of FC Barcelona, ​​did not go without a hand Sunday evening about the VAR. “It looks like VAR always favors the same team,” he told reporters following Real Madrid’s 1-0 victory with a penalty goal. So, faced with this controversy, As made the calculation: did the VAR earn more points at Real than at Barça?

Response from the Spanish media: neither team won or lost a single point due to VAR. In detail, Real Madrid gained 4 points thanks to the interventions of the VAR but lost just as much. The FCB for its part gained two points but also lost two following the interventions of the video assistance.


Valencia and Bilbao lose

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So, the VAR did not change the course of the title race and it also did not change the race for the Champions League since Atletico (3rd) and Seville (4th) did not either gained or lost points. Diego Simeone, Atletico coach also defended video arbitration at a press conference on Monday.

On the other hand, the race in the Europa League has been modified by the VAR. Indeed, Valence lost 6 points because of the VAR. The Valencians, current 9th in the championship, would be found 5th without it. Bilbao also lost points and could have ended up 6th instead of 8 as it is currently. Thus, Getafe (6th in La Liga) is for the moment the biggest beneficiary of VAR in terms of places won and their importance.


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