Korhot Yodchai, NBT broadcaster, has been infected with COVID-19 and posted an apology with a rough timeline.

Korhot Yodchai, NBT broadcaster, has been infected with COVID-19 and posted an apology with a rough timeline.

On January 22, 2021 at 2:28 p.m.

Koroch Yodchai, NBT announcer, announces COVID-19 coverage Ready to apologize and dismiss the timeline Lean to the makeup artist of the channel who made the DJ Bael out of COVID

Messing around the station after rumors that the staff of the Thai television or NBT radio stations infected with COVID-19

Recently confirmed the infection, one person, Sor Korakot Yodchai, is an NBT broadcaster who has posted a personal Facebook page, So Korakot Yotchai, informs the symptoms and chases a rough timeline. After knowing the result State the message that …

“I’m sorry everyone. Let’s go through a rough line on Wednesday (20/01/64) while at home. The resort felt terrified. And the headache is quite strong So I ate Para and then went to sleep and woke up. WFH felt low fever. And still has a headache, so I went to see a doctor when he arrived at the hospital, went into the history taking process Which the doctor thought was dengue fever therefore advised to go to the hospital in the evening, the blood test results that Have a viral infection But I do not know which one asked for a swab at 8.00 pm, then the result was confirmed at 5 am today and moved into the negative pressure room.

As soon as you know the results Resort immediately informs all relevant parts Both workplaces are strictly prepared for the implementation of the plan. Including friends People close to all Have to go to check In the meantime, everyone may have to be a little chaotic.

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And in case there is news of makeup artist who goes to makeup box for Khun Bael Was informed by himself that Went to check the news from Khun Bael And the result came out that it was not stuck I wish everyone to be safe. I have to apologize to everyone once again. “


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