His situation is difficult and delicate … His wife, “We started mobilizing to secure the cost of lung planning, so we arrived.”

Muhammad Ahmed Ghanoum, born in 1959, shouldn’t have reached the point where his lungs would have become in bad shape, but this is what actually happened. His body didn’t get rid of the toxins from the cigarettes he’d smoked for all those years, the effects of which stayed in his lungs until he found himself unable to breathe.

What he considered a simple health warning became a reality once Muhammad was forced into the emergency due to his condition, which worsened. This cyanosis that covered her body and his face reveals more than just an attack and tests have revealed that she suffers from asymmetry in the size of her lungs, which means she has one lung smaller than another.

His wife, Raja, tells Al-Nahar about his condition, especially in recent times. After Muhammad suffered another severe respiratory attack, the doctor told him that his lungs were “at the limit”, and that he needed the necessary tests and images. Here is the catastrophe.

The wife cries bitterly saying, “We have come to charge us the cost of running the tests because we don’t have the price for it. I never imagined asking for help, even though” God gave me a son, I would have not been so anxious. “Lung $ 115 plus the doctor’s fee of $ 50. I don’t have any,” I don’t have a dime. “

Raja has been knocking on many people’s doors, asking for help with the cost of the first visits required by the doctor, especially since the lab accepts arrests only for fresh dollars. He admits that “Halal children and white-handed people covered the cost of lab tests and x-rays, but the cost of planning remains, that he found no one to help secure the necessary funds. The planning date was. today in St. George Hospital, but due to the impossibility of guaranteeing the sum, I called to postpone the appointment, my fear is that my husband’s health will deteriorate further, because his condition is “tired and lives on the car that I rented “.

I tried to ask for help, but the situation is difficult for everyone and “everyone is a victim”. possible. And he concludes: “God does not want anyone, those who live are very difficult, we have become saddened by the sands of our health”.

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