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King Willem-Alexander contributed on Saturday return no face mask in the car at Huis ten Bosch palace. That is against the advice of the Central government, because there were also people in the car who do not belong to his household. The Government Information Service (RVD) said in a response to that the king did wear the mouth mask during the entire journey, including the car ride, but that he turned it off for a short while when he returned home.

The national government recommends wearing a non-medical face mask when driving a car with people who do not belong to the same household. Images of photographers near Huis ten Bosch palace show that there is at least one person in the car in addition to the driver. This man does wear a mouth mask, just like Princess Alexia and Queen Màxima.

The fact that the king did not wear a face mask (even if only for a short time) seems to be at odds with his decision to return from Greece. Strictly speaking, that was not necessary, because a yellow travel advice applies to his destination Peloponnese. Yet he was criticized for this: he should act extra cautiously because of his exemplary function.

Other occupants did wear a face mask when they returned home. (Photo: ANP)

‘Not convenient what the king did there’

According to royalty expert Rick Evers, the photo of the king without a mouth mask is not a useful action. “I think it’s a very strange signal, incomprehensible. Then decide as the whole family not to wear a face mask, but now Máxima and Alexia were wearing one.” It cannot be seen whether Amalia and Ariane also wore a mouth mask.

The king could have expected photographers to be waiting at Huis ten Bosch palace, says Evers. “What was behind the removal of the mask remains guesswork. Maybe he just wanted it to be visible to the press. But maybe my answer is just an excuse.”

According to Evers, this action will not have any lasting consequences for the king, but it does damage reputation. According to Evers, the photo also gives new ammunition to people who are critical of the corona measures. “They will be proud of the king and will say that the king will not be lectured by government policy and the Outbreak Management Team either.”

Because, according to Evers, despite the ministerial responsibility of Prime Minister Mark Rutte, the public still looks at the king. “Rutte is the one who has to pay in the Chamber and not the king, but the public still watches the actions of Willem-Alexander.”

Fuss about holiday king

Because of the fuss about the holidays of the Oranges, they returned home after a day. Prime Minister Rutte was, however, aware of the holiday plans. He left in one Sunday statement knew to have made an “error of judgment” and apologized.

“I realized too late that the intended holiday, which was in line with the regulations, could no longer be reconciled with the increasing infections and the stricter measures”, thus Rutte. “This should have prompted me to reconsider the intended holiday.”

Rutte spoke to the press on Sunday about the commotion surrounding the king (photo: ANP).


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