Has the launch been postponed in some countries? In several markets it will arrive after Christmas

PlayStation 5 will be released in Italy on November 19th but, according to what was reported by the MP1st editorial team, in other regions of the world the launch of Sony’s nextgen console could be postponed and slip to after the Christmas holidays, unlike what was announced by the Japanese technology giant.

Using the internal search engine of the now famous site Wayback Machine, the MP1st reporters realized that from the PS5 main board on the PlayStation.com site the writing has been removed a few days ago “Holiday 2020” which indicated the release of the console by the end of this year.

The multilingual versions of the official PlayStation portal that have been affected by this change are those accessible in countries of the South-East Asia come Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Thailand e Vietnam. The removal of the release date indication therefore seems to suggest a change of plans originally planned by Sony for the international distribution of the nextgen console, at least in this specific region.

The strategy adopted by Sony, on the other hand, already provides for a staggered launch between the different markets in which it will be marketed PlayStation 5, with a predilection for those countries where the PlayStation brand is more established: in countries such as the United States, Australia, New Zealand, South Korea and Japan, PS5 will be on sale 12 november, while in regions like Europe we will have to wait until November 19.

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