Killed and wounded in a shooting at a school in the United States

At least three were killedand six others were injured in a shooting at a school in Oakland County, Michigan, Reuters reported.

The agency cites the local sheriff. According to them, the attacker from Oxford High School was detained. At this stage, they are no longer disclosed details of his identity.

CNN clarified that one of the three killed was a teacher and the other two students.

According to television the attacker is a student. The 15-year-old did not resist his arrest, he invoked his right not to speak and is currently does not say anything to law enforcement officers.

Officers are searching the school for possible new victims.

Police found about 20 shell casings. Investigators believe that the attacker acted alone.

All the wounded were admitted to hospital. There is a teacher among them.

The shooting took place late in the afternoon in the school corridor.



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