Dying Light 2 reports done

Recently, a relatively large number of delays have fallen on us, which have been caused by various problems.

And the planned open-world event did not escape these vicissitudes Dying Light 2, which was originally scheduled to arrive this December, but was eventually postponed until February 4, 2022.

Some fans then predicted another postponement of the game, but it will probably not take place in the end.

The developers officially announced today that The game has reached the so-called gold stage of development, which means that it is basically done when it can head to the mills and the authors have extra time to catch other potential problems.

In addition, we remind you that Another episode of Dying 2 Know will take place on December 2 at 9:00 p.m..

This time it will offer a fifteen-minute demonstration of gameplay, which will focus on the quests and obstacles that await the main character here.

Pre-ordering the full version can be done in the store Xzone.

The game also offers Czech subtitles.

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