A Million Benefits! Here are some benefits and efficacy of Zuriat Fruit for the health of the body

LOMBOK NEWS Name offspring may feel foreign to the ear, but this fruit is known beneficial for increase fertility. This fruit is believed to improve sperm quality in men manman. And also consumption offspring can increase sex hormones in manman.

Not only that, benefit flavonoid in offspring also relevant to manman. Flavonoids are thought to be consumed to help improve the quality of semen in women Men with oligospermia.

However, of course there is benefit more for the health of offspringgood for woman nor manman.

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Quoted wartalombok.com from the video uploaded by ARUL LIEN and Saddam Ismail’s YouTube channel on Monday, 13 June 2022, here are some benefit offspring.

1. Repair damaged cells

Fruits are high in antioxidants. This content is in the form of flavonoid which can repair damaged cells in the body.

In addition, substance flavonoid It also has antihistamine, antimicrobial properties, and can improve memory and mood.

2. Contains vitamin C

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