Karina Galicia, knows her music to cure anxiety.

Mexico City /

Another girl singing? Yes. Karina Galicia sings and does it from the purest feeling, from the most sincere emotions that she and that anyone could experience in life and that is either of love, empowerment or an anxiety attack, his songs transmit calm and fill with peace.

She is Karina Galicia, originally from Puebla. Born and raised with songs somewhat unusual in modern times, which were awakening in her that spark of wanting to transmit her life through music.

This dream starts from a young age, when at home the songwriter was very present and the lyrics of Silvio Rodriguez they began to flood me. After I studied jazz in Veracruz and I opened up to a whole musical world, but it was a constant trial and error, without a doubt I learned a lot of things. ” Karina said.

With a career that he has built without haste, in due time and observing what happens around him, Karina Galicia has made her way through a music industry full of offers to be able to launch his album with 15 songs and not only that, to perform at the great Theater of the City ‘Esperanza Iris’.

“I am satisfied with all that I have done and achieved. Create your own concept and that concept will take me to the places I’ve been and at the same time, it is very nice that people like what you do. Performing at the City Theater was something surreal. I did not understand what was happening at that time, but there I was, receiving love from the public ”

‘Segundo Piso’, included in his album ‘Cancionero del Nuevo Milenio’, talk about the panic and anxiety attacks that millions of people suffer every day. It is estimated that in Mexico at least 14.3 percent of citizens suffer from anxiety disorders.

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“Be honest with me, with my feelings and emotions and just like that I wanted to make my songs because in this last year all those feelings of anxiety and panic were uncovered in many people. There are those who suffer from anxiety and do not know it yet, but I want tell them that they can identify with my song and find refuge “

Karina Galicia, understands her position and her role. That place where with his music he can transmit a message of help and listening for women, build a safe place and raise his voice on their behalf. Understand that all the morras are different more now that there is a process of construction and deconstruction.

Like many artists they seek to spread their art through new social networks such as Instagram y Tik Tok, where he accumulates a good number of followers, as well as more than 20 thousand monthly listeners on Spotify.

I’ve always taken what I do very seriouslyIt does not matter at the point where I am and even more so now that so many beautiful things are coming. ”

The native of Puebla will offer a concert on November 11 to close this great year in her career.



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