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Meinl-Reisinger / Stürgkh: “Right now it is important that young people stand up and become politically active. It is mainly they who have to shoulder the consequences of the Corona crisis.”

Vienna / Eisenstadt (OTS) After a year of intensive development, JUNOS Burgenland officially launched with today’s founding convention. Nils Grund emerged from the purely digitally held state congress as state chairman. The state executive consists of the following people:

Nils Grund – state chairman

Sebastian Petrei – Deputy State Chairman

David Neubauer – Country Manager

Lisa Friesenbichler – another member of the state board

“First of all, it is a point of contact for young people to whom freedom, political participation and also topics such as education, sustainability and mobility are important to make visible. The aim is to establish JUNOS Burgenland in all Burgenland districts and to show presence through events, workshops and a district tour, ”announced the new JUNOS state chairman Nils Grund, who was also elected to the NEOS Burgenland state team on the previous Friday.

JUNOS Federal Chairman Anna Stürgkh is particularly pleased with today’s milestone: “With Nils Grund and his team, I know that we are starting this new phase full of vigor and motivation. Because one thing is very clear: the young generation is political and also wants to be politically active, but that requires a variety of offers, which is exactly what democracy lives from, from the variety of ideas. And that is why it is all the more important that with JUNOS there is now a liberal alternative in Burgenland. ”

Beate Meinl-Reisinger, federal chairwoman of NEOS, sent a video message to the new JUNOS team: “Today is an important day for you and an important day for us. A valuable development step in the growth, prosperity and taking root of our organization. Especially now, in this time of the Corona crisis, I think it is particularly important that young people get up and become politically active. Because especially the youth will bear the consequences in terms of education, on the labor market and in dealing with the budget deficit. It has always been a core concern of NEOS and JUNOS to put the issue of intergenerational justice at the center of politics. I wish you a lot of joy and passion. ”

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The congratulators today also include NEOS country spokesman Edi Posch and country manager Simone Pibernik, who are already looking forward to working with the young liberals in Burgenland.

Inquiries & contact:

Simone Pibernik

State manager of NEOS Burgenland
Phone: +43 660 4047139
Email: simone.pibernik@neos.eu


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